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Below you will find what some of our customers say about our dealership.

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"The Service Manager, Dave Cannella, provides absolutely fantastic customer service. He went above and beyond in getting me the information I was looking for. I would highly recommend giving him a call if you need anything done to one of your machines."
By: Blair    ,CO

"I couldn't have been more disgruntled to learn that my Aprilia needed ECU programming which could only be done by an Aprilia service center. Just the thought of being at the mercy of a dealership gave me an uneasy feeling in my stomach. I've always done my own maintenance and repairs and based on negative experiences in my distant past, I associated all dealerships and service centers with outrageous cost, poor service, extended wait times, inconvenient locations and outrageous cost... oh, did I mention that one already? With little choice in the matter I hesitantly took my bike to RPM Cycles in Dallas, Tx. for the needed maintenance and I am proud to say that today I am a changed man! These guys completely squashed every negative stereotype that I have ever placed on dealerships and factory service centers. My dealings with RPM has literally been the best experience I've ever had not only with factory service centers, but with any business or company...period. There is a comfortable, friendly, stress-free vibe throughout the place from the time you walk in the door. Everyone has a super positive and professional attitude and seems to honestly enjoy being there and helping you in any way possible. You immediately feel like you've known these people for years!! For the most part I was dealing with the Service department, and I can say with confidence that they are the best in the biz! They treated me like a friend, not like just another customer off the street. They went out of their way to treat my bike with as much care as I would myself, gave much attention to detail, and made sure that everything was done exactly as it should be. Then when it was all done, I was only charged for a fraction of the time the techs actually spent on my bike. I literally offered to pay more for the service because it just didn't seem like they were charging enough!! This held true with parts prices as well. I could go on and on, but I will end with this advise...If past experiences with dealerships and service centers has left a bad taste in your mouth, you owe it to yourself to give RPM Cycles a try. I love my Aprilia and ownership is just that much sweeter knowing that I have this kind of help and support right around the corner! Thanks RPM!!!"
By: Jason    ,TX

"I can not say enough good things about my recent service on my Rocket III - RPM went above & beyond with the service that was done on it & by no fault of their own had to deal with additional issues after disassembly, from service performed at another shop before I bought it, and did not charge any additional amount for the work. I want to especially thank Dave, Boris & Ryan for not only doing great work, but also getting it done in the time frame they said they would. I know that is not always possible but even with additional problems they pulled it off! I will not use any dealership but RPM for all future service or purchases. "
By: CLINT    Tyler,TX

"I want to thank Dave Cannella and the Service Department for the outstanding job they did in repairing my Guzzi. Dave and his guys are real professionals and they have been at this for years. I highly recommend the service department at RPM Cycle!"
By: Matthew     Denton,TX

"I bought a used 2006 Triumph Scrambler from Boris and the crew at RPM in 2011. Life got in the way, and the bike sat, unattended from early 2012 until a week ago when I brought it back to the folks at RPM to help me bring it out of it's long sleep. The folks at RPM couldn't have been more helpful in that task, especially Lindsay, Dave, and Kevin. They treated my bike as if it was theirs, the highest level of care any customer could ask for. The bike runs better than it ever has, and things were attended to that weren't even discussed. Overall, I couldn't be happier with both experiences at RPM, the buying experience with Boris back in 2011, and the restoration experience with the service crew just now in 2015. Many times, when one buys a bike, especially a used bike, from a dealership, it's over as soon as the customer leaves. Not so with RPM. The customer becomes a part of the "family" if you will, at RPM. This is how not just motorcycle, but ALL vehicle dealerships should be. Thank you, Mike Britton"
By: Mike    Highland Village,TX

"If you are planning to buy a new bike be aware that the quality of the Dealership is CRITICAL. Make sure you look into dealer reps before you buy. If you do that, you will buy at RPM. I did not and that was a mistake. But when I switched to the RPM service department the problems with my new bike's engine went away in one visit. Since then they have done all my service work and I will be buying my next bike here when my current one reaches the end of it's life. Dave the Service Manager and Lindsey the Triumph Parts expert are both great as are the service techs."
By: John    Ft Worth,TX

"Thanks to Boris and all the staff at RPM! This was perhaps the most enjoyable experience I've ever had in purchasing a new vehicle! Great shop, great staff, great experience! Thanks a million!"
By: Paul    Grapevine,TX

"I have to say that I have never had a bad experience at RPM even when I was just a lot lizard at the old location. I was always welcomed by Cliff,Wade or the staff and asked how's the FJR holding up. For me a new European bike has always been a dream just out of reach. I stopped by just to look at a Triumph they had in the used bikes and ended up with Alejandro's 2013 KTM 690 that was totally tricked out with lots of KTM Power Parts goodies!.The deal I got was a little more than the new 390 but not having to wait is priceless.It wasn't new but with just under 500 miles Navy Federal says it is. My first ride I put 200 miles on it. What an amazing machine! MPG is in the same range as my Vespa GTS and a whole lot more exciting! What other machine this size can be the ultimate urban runabout like a Vespa as well as a track day blaster? Thanks again Wade ,Alejandro and Boris for all you do. Next time you see Cliff tell him thanks too. I am sure he is enjoying his new job with Triumph USA."
By: David     Garland ,TX

"Hello Wade & Cliff, Just a quick note to express to you both how pleased I am with the experience of working with you and RPM Cycle. From the initial inquiry, to making the long distance purchase and picking up the motorcycle, I was impressed with your level of professionalism and genuine service and care. . Thanks guys for a truly pleasurable opportunity to do business. I hope we can do more in the future. Have a successful and Happy 2015! Regards, Skip Mascorro FOUNDER PS: Love the bike. Cliff we'll be shooting you the title tomorrow to complete the transfer...all worked perfect at the border! "
By: SKIP    ,TX

"Sorry for the late response, everything is great with the bike (besides the weather) Getting back was ok and had no issues. It was a really great and by far the most easiest experience when dealing with a transaction like this. Having everything ready, getting in and out with no problems was amazing and much appreciated. Thank you for the work and the great bike. "
By: Troy    ,TX

"Wade, Just wanted to let you know that I picked up the T100 about a month ago and also found myself a new second job, so things are looking good. Loving the bike so far. I was actually thinking of bringing her back up to y'all for the 600 mile service. I just really appreciated all your help, and I'd like to pay it back by supporting your service department. Plus, it would be great to meet you. Hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday season. Cheers, AT "
By: Austin    ,TX

"While on a cross country trip I ran into a problem with my Cali II that could not be fixed due to my time constraints. Cliff, Leonard, Wade and Ryan did their up-most to get me back on the road but the problems with the bike were to great. Cliff and Wade worked with me on the purchase of a new California Touring and Leonard and Ryan got the bike prepped and me back on the road quickly "
By: George W    Pemberton Twp,NJ

"My second purchase from this dealership, they are truly the best of the best. I will keep coming back as long as I can ride."
By: Stephen    The Colony,TX

"My experience at RPM was the best one I've ever had at any dealership I've been too. Cliff and Wade seem to be very passionate about their products, service, sales, knowledge of the motorcycle I purchased and taking the time to make sure I got the best deal. What I had purchased was a 2014 Triumph Rocket iii Roadster and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. They also cut me the best deal the could on my 2010 Honda Fury, which had fallen over in my trailers our travels over there. I would recommend them to anyone. "
By: Brandon    Springtown,TX

"5 star experience from two five star guys Dear Cliff and Wade, I wanted you both to know how much I appreciate yesterday's experience in picking up my Triumph America LT. It couldn't have been any better. As for the bike itself: I took one turn around the parking lot and said to myself, just ride it home. You immediately feel how perfectly balanced it is and how responsive to every rider input. It handles so much better than the CTX I had, or indeed, better than any other bike I've ridden. A remarkable machine. At the price, astounding really, much superior to the other entry level cruisers I checked out, including, among others, the Vulcan, Shadow, Yamaha 950, and Sportster. "
By: Anonymous    ,XX

"My name is Rene' DeLeon and please allow me to apologize to you about the size of this e-mail in advanced but I wanted to tell you about an experience at your new dealership. Right at the end of last month around Feb 27 I bought an Aprilia SXV550 from a client of yours by the name of XXXXX , the afternoon I took delivery of the bike at his home, I noticed that an oil light was on. He informed me that he had done an oil service at your service department with Leonard and John the day before and it was probably something that didn't get reset. The next morning around 11am, I called service and spoke to Leonard, explained my situation and he said, "no problem, bring it after 3pm. And I'll reset it while you wait" I thought that was very nice, especially as busy as I figured you guys would be. That afternoon I put the bike in the back of the truck, and after I unloaded it, Leonard took it to the back and after a few minutes found me as I was looking around your great dealership and having a very pleasant conversation with Wade Campbell. Leonard explained that it was not just a "check engine light" but could be something more serious. Of course you can imagine my surprise and disappointment as I was falling in love with the SXV as I learned about it and it's pedigree in the world of Supermotard. Leonard kept the bike, he didn't make me bring it back or anything like that. He ordered an oil sending switch hoping and praying that it would be the cause of the trouble. To shorten the story after speaking with John in service and Dave Cannella while Leonard was out for the day it turns out that Mr. XXXX had ran the bike with all of the oil in the crank-case rather that in the oil-tank causing the oil pump to fail and thus ruining the motor and what seem to be my short lived experience with Aprilia. Anticipating the worst I had looked at some other motorcycles and the DorsoDuro 750 seem to be the closest I could get to that SXV of course adding another $5,000.00 to the event. Dave called me the next day confirming my worst fear and of course we spoke about what choices I had at that point, he was so, so nice and it seem like he was genuinely concerned about the issue that I had in my hands, he offered as much help as I imagine he could but unfortunately the price to replace that complete engine is pretty high in cost. With out a choise that would be financially responsible I asked him to get the bike ready for pick up and I was going to bring it back to Mr. XXXX whom had no problem returning me my money by the way (great guy). During that same phone conversation Dave, got me in touch with Wade and to my surprise he also knew about and he was very nice and understanding of my issue. He and Cliff must have gotten together as I was on my way to pick up the SXV from service, Wade greeted me and this is what he said: "Rene' we are sorry to see that you had such a bad experience with Aprilia but we want you happy with the brand and like to show you the Dorso 750 that we have in stock and will work with you as much as we can" Of course as he's telling me this I was thinking: man, these guys are taking some ownership of my problem, even though RPM Cycle didn't sell me this bike. Wade just seem interested in me not having a bad taste in my mouth because of a used bike purchase. You have no Idea how that made me feel, I was amazed and overwhelmed with his concerned for my ongoing opinion of Aprilia. Dave Cannella in the parts department has been in touch with me since then and has helped me out by finding a bunch of nice accessories for the bike, I want wait to come and see you guys again this weekend, it has been such an amazing experience dealing with you all.- WOW!!!!! In closing, I have spend the last 20 years of my career dealing with clients at high-end dealerships and personally have always made a point to create relationships with my clients that have turned into friendships a few times. It is my opinion that every person I have mentioned on this e-mail has done that for me, made me feel like I was "the only client/customer in front of them and nothing else mattered at that point but me and my situation". I am so grateful and proud that I finally got back some of that treatment that I gave to my clientele for so many years. Lastly I'd like to let you know that based on those events, it would have been very tough for me to NOT purchase a motorcycle from RPM Cycle whether it was that Dorso 750 or a used bike from your pre-owned Inventory, I believe that I not only purchased a great product but an opportunity to do business with the best motorcycle dealership in Texas bar-none!!! Thank you once again to all and God-Bless!! Respectfuly and sincerelly, Your client for life... Rene' DeLeon Jr. "
By: Rene'     ,XX

"My wife and I recently purchased a 2014 Moto Guzzi California 1400 Touring. Wade and Cliff took an extradornary amount of time with us over three different days making sure we had the bike we wanted, customized and equipped exactly the way we wanted. Cliff actually came in under the original quoted price once the custom parts and accessories were installed. These guys care about their customers, and they know the bikes they sell. GREAT EXPERIENCE!!"
By: Kirk & Terrye    Red Oak,TX

"All I have to say is 100% customer satisfaction and upfront honesty. I will never go anywhere else for service for my bike. The best buying experience I have ever had to date. Wade is a no nonsense very informed salesman and answered every one of my questions and even went into more detail than I thought I would need. I would recommend this shop to everyone. Thank you, Matt"
By: Matt    Lewisville,TX

"I should have posted this two years ago but better late than never. The staff at RPM took my basket case 1997 California and turned into my daily rider. This bike had sat unloved and unattended for five years. I rescued it being junked and wanted to see it up on two wheels again. The rusted out tank, dry rotted seat, clogged injectors, faulty electrical, busted shocks, bad fuel pump made me almost give up on seeing this iron horse gallop again. you name it and it was bad. I am so grateful for what Cliff, Lindsay and my tech did for me and my Guzzi. I'll never forget you folks. I remember what you guys told me when I picked up the bike...just ride it! and believe I have. I still owe you guys a visit and I'll make good on that and I'll bring the Guzzi with me.Thanks again. Chuck Hendricks US Army Retired 1st Team!"
By: Charles    Ft Hood,TX

"I found RPM Cycles back in 2008, after buying a Guzzi from another local dealer and having a terrible post sale experience. RPM had every part and product on hand to meet my needs in keeping the Guzzi maintained. I would only visit the shop when maintenance was due on the bike, despite the lapse of time between visits Wade, Cliff and Lindsay knew me by name and knew what I rode. That is what I call customer service with a positive focus. In 2012 the right bike came in at the shop at the right time, I had an awesome experience transitioning from my Guzzi to a Rocket. I have been riding for many years and many miles. I have visited countless shops around the US. Out of all of them, RPM is the most impressive. Congratulations on the new shop and the new brand."
By: Anonymous    Grand Prairie,TX

"Amazing buying experience. I had no idea buying a motorcycle (or any vehicle) could be this transparent and smooth. Great job, guys."
By: Jason    Denton,TX

"Your stock of KTM parts is great! Please enter me in the drawing for the 690 Duke on Sat. Thanks"

"Good luck with the new location!"
By: Ken    CoppellP,TX

By: Mark    ,TX

"Cliff, and the entire staff at RPM Cycles always provide superior service. They seem like friends more than people to just conduct business. Great job by all!!"
By: Mark    ,XX

"The guys at RPM REALLY know how to treat customers, and they made my purchase of this bike a VERY special event! I had first heard about this unit as it was still in assembly at the dealership. When I made my purchase decision, the guys surprised me by allowing me to be the FIRST person to start it! I have to say this was a REALLY GREAT surprise, and it genuinely made me feel special. I honestly can't see going anywhere else to buy a motorcycle. This is the SECOND Rocket I have purchased from RPM, and I chose to make my purchase with them because they DO genuinely take EXCELLENT care of their customers. No other bike or car dealership comes close! "
By: John    ,TX

"The Professional way I was treated at the Dealership. I cannot say enough on how great the buying experience was. This is my first, but definatley not my last Triumph and last buying experience with this Dealer. "
By: Christopher    ,TX

"Talking with a salesperson, Cliff, that actually rode mc and could talk effortlessly about riding and using features of the bike. Thanks for a great ride!"
By: Jason    ,TX

"I had an opportunity to work with Dave Cannella the Internet sales coordinator on the purchase of an exhaust. He was friendly, helpful and it seemed like I had known him for years. The purchase experience was outstanding and customer service top notch. Thanks Dave. Steve Weir WERA 137"
By: Steven    Pismo beac,CA

"This place is awesome. Cliff in sales was an absolute pleasure to work with and in no time I was riding off on my 2013 Triumph Trophy SE! All the staff are really nice. What I love about this place is nobody runs up and pounces on you the second you walk in, you're free to look around. But if you need assistance, all you have to do is ask and everyone is very helpful...I really like that. I look forward to developing a long-term relationship with RPM Cycle. Thanks again guys! "
By: John    ,XX

"We haven't bought our bikes yet, however when we do make our purchases we will definitely go to Wade Campbell. We have been looking at bikes off and on for several years, we never did a purchase because of the poor customer service we received and we were not sure what we really wanted. On 4/26 Wade provide us with the upmost world class customer service that we ever received at a bike shop. With that being said we will be back and purchase 2 bikes from wade. Thank you for having such a nice individual like Wade. "
By: Anonymous    Euless,TX

" From Cliff and Wade in sales to Lindsay in parts, I cannot stop saying good things about this group. They all made my buying experience incredible and something I will not forget. These guys know their stuff. I highly recommend RPM Cycle for any of your motorcycle needs! "
By: Anonymous    ,XX

"Just got home after picking up my new Triumph Tiger 800 XC. Cliff and Wade were great to deal with - did the entire deal via email and they literally offered the best deal in Texas - more than worth the 180 mi trip (one way I would add)! One of the smoothest transactions I've ever had with a major purchase. Wade made sure the bike was ready and Cliff had the paperwork already filled in - we were done within 5 minutes of arriving at the shop. After a quick once over of the bike with Wade, I was on the road and headed for home. I couldn't be happier and would not hesitate to buy from them again. Don't buy your next bike without talking to them first - you'll be glad you did!"
By: Anonymous    Georgetown,TX

"I'm writing another review just to let you guys know how awesome this place is I bought a bike from them and I need servicing and they surprised me yet again at how awesome they are I really do feel like I'm a part of the family there they have officially won my loyalty and I don't care if I never see another motorcycle sales company again because I'm getting all of my bikes from here They Rock from the beginning to end and even came to pick up the bike for me!!! if you are a lady rider and you are reading this do not h be afraid that you are going to get taken here by service or by the staff these people are awesome you cannot go wrong mark my words you cannot go wrong"
By: kim    mckinney,TX

"I'm writing another review just to let you guys know how awesome this place is I bought a bike from them and I need servicing and they surprised me yet again at how awesome they are I really do feel like I'm a part of the family there they have officially won my loyalty and I don't care if I never see another motorcycle sales company again because I'm getting all of my bikes from here They Rock from the beginning to end and even came to pick up the bike for me!!! if you are a lady rider and you are reading this do not h be afraid that you are going to get taken here by service or by the staff these people are awesome you cannot go wrong mark my words you cannot go wrong"
By: kim    mckinney,TX

"I'm writing another review just to let you guys know how awesome this place is I bought a bike from them and I need servicing and they surprised me yet again at how awesome they are I really do feel like I'm a part of the family there they have officially won my loyalty and I don't care if I never see another motorcycle sales company again because I'm getting all of my bikes from here They Rock from the beginning to end and even came to pick up the bike for me!!! if you are a lady rider and you are reading this do not h be afraid that you are going to get taken here by service or by the staff these people are awesome you cannot go wrong mark my words you cannot go wrong"
By: kim    mckinney,TX

"If you own a Triumph and you go anyplace else in the Metroplex. Your missing out on the best. It is just good to hang out here. Great people and service"
By: Howard    Lewisville,TX

"Omg! i am very happy with this place i am overwhelmed at how nice their staff is wade was super cool! cliff was laid back and nice thanks to this place i am rolling in a bike that quiet clean and good!"
By: Anonymous    mckinney,TX

By: Jef    Carrollton,TX

"From all the dealerships i've been to, they top the list. Always friendly and helpful and never a hassle even if you're just there to browse the store. Bought our second Bonneville recently and it was a breeze! Cliff is top notch! He'll make it work for you or at least do everything in his power to get you on the road. Kudos to him! Also a big thanks to the entire RPM staff! Boris, Lindsey and Wade (always a good word to say) all the others i forgot. If you want a smooth sailing buying experience, give them a call. They'll sure get all our future business! Jef & Jill"
By: Jef    Carrollton,TX

"It has been a several of months since I bought my Caponord from Cliff, but I just wanted to let you know that my experience with your dealership and its staff was great.Cliff was extremely helpful and patient. He answered all of my questions and when I came to see the bike, it was as he described it to me, if not better. Cliff created one of the best vehicle purchasing experiences that I have ever had."
By: Dana    Plano,TX

"Honestly, the entire experience with Cliff from first contact to after sale was fantastic and very professional. I have purchased many bikes over the years and RPM trumps all of them, hands down. I will definitely be buying another bike from RPM! Thanks again Cliff!!"
By: Ross    San Antonio,TX

"I can't say enough about the great people at RPM. They bent over backwards to take care of a problem bike I had bought from another dealer. Then when I decided it was time to trade for a new one, they absolutely treated me like family. They made me a great deal on a 2011 RSV4, and got me a better rate and lower payments than I got from my own bank. I will never go anywhere else for my parts, service, or another bike. Thank you Boris, Cliff, Brian, Lindsey, Zach, Wade, and especially to Alejandro for putting together a great team."
By: Bob    aubrey,TX

" Stopped in there few days aft first OMrat raid, with my uncle and a photo of my rear tire tread, inquirying as to how many miles it had on it , your staff was honest with their opinion and didn't try to push a new tire on me before it's time even though they knew I would not be in the area when that time came. Thanks PS I bought a Hat. See you at OMRR"
By: jason    appleton,WI

"It's taken me six months to write this review because I wanted to let some time go by to see if the dealer took care of me after I laid my money down and drove off the lot. Before I bought my T-Bird I did my usual painstaking research for about 3 months and read everything I could on a number of bikes. The last thing I wanted to be was another fifty something riding an HD so I wanted something different. It came down to the Triumph T-Bird 1600 or the Kawi Vulcan 1700. I again broke down my research on these two and I was torn because of the known vs the unknown. I already had a Kawi and it was a really good bike and I didn't expect the 1700 to be any different. The Triumph was a BIG unknown and it was the first year of a new model which I NEVER buy. I went to RPM and met Cliff for the first time and there was never any pressure to do anything, so I looked, asked questions and said I would return, which I did because they offer test rides. I called every Kawi dealer in the DFW area and not one would let me ride the 1700 in any form. I went back to RPM and road the T-Bird and I don't mean around the block, I mean I rode it for 45 minutes, everywhere I could think of and put it through as many tests as I could and it was nothing short of "WOW". The bike is as solid as a tank and will give you whiplash if you don't watch out. The shifting is smooth, the braking will amaze you and the power is more than you will ever need. The only drawbacks that I have found are the exhaust note, the handlebars are a bit forward for me and the mirrors need to be extended out another 2 inches to get a better view of what's behind me. The choice of accessories is very large and they are built solid. The highway pegs are serious metal with very nice chrome and badging. The long haul seat is extremely comfortable and the floorboards are huge. Even with the three items that I mentioned earlier, this is a bike to be proud of and it is meant to be ridden and ridden hard, far and wide. After six months, I am still amazed at the performance of the bike and the staff at RPM; Cliff, Boris, Lindsay and Brian are all top notch folks. If your looking for a new cruiser that is not the same ol' same ol and before you put your money down on the HD or Asian Metrics, I urge you to sit your butt down on a Triumph and hold on tight because it will rock your world."
By: John    Carrrollton,TX

"Service experience was AWESOME! Purchase of a new bike was AWESOME! Parts and acc. purchase was AWESOME! To the entire Staff at RPM you Guys and Lindsay are AWESOME! Need I say more?! Robbie"
By: Robbie    VanAlstyne,TX

"Thank you for you all around commitment to us. All the departments are wonderful to work with. You never feel intimidated by saleman/part/service. It is nice to be able to stop in and see the new models without being pressured to buy. When you are ready to buy it is a fast, smooth transaction. Thank you for the demo day, it was a lot of fun and I would have never know how great the street triple was without it. I am just waiting to see the new adventure before we talk about my next purchase. "
By: Anonymous    little elm,TX

"Brandon was a great help answering all my questions and delivering on the parts bought. Great to deal with..... "
By: dagame    Gilbert,AZ

"I purchased a 2007 Speed Triple and I just wanted to say I've been real impressed with you guys. Cliff has been a big help to me over the past couple of years as I came to visit the shop to keep myself motivated, and when the day finally came that I got my bike, Cliff made the whole transaction easy and painless. Thanks Cliff and RPM Cycles."
By: James    Arlington,TX

"I purchased my 2007 Moto Guzzie California Vintage from a different local dealer. The purchase went well however they did not update the fuel lines to handle the ethenol in our US Fuel. After being stranded on the road 2 times in the first 200 Miles they replaced the fuel lines under warranty... Thier customer service was a -9 out of 10 after the point of sale and I looked for another shop to work with. I found RPM Cycle in Dallas to do my first scheduled maintenance - here I was greeted with a smile, all of my questions were answered (being a gearhead I had quite a few) and thier prices on service did not out weigh the monthly payment on my Guzzi. At RPM they do the work they say they will do and have your ride ready without any added issues or charges. You know everything you need to know up front and I feel that my Guzzi is in good hands when it is with the RPM team! Thanks guys "
By: Anonymous    Grand Prairie,TX

"To the RPM Cycle Team, I just want to drop you a note and express my appreciation to the entire team at RPM Cycle for making the purchase of my Triumph Daytona a real pleasure. Everyone at the store is great to work with and it's clear you really care about the customer. You were 100% correct when you said I would absolutely love the bike. I've put more miles on it in 3 weeks than I put on my Ducati in 10 months. It's an absolute joy to ride. Smooth, refined and extremely responsive. It's what I hoped the Ducati would, be but it NEVER measured up in so many ways! I guess I got caught up in the status thing with the Ducati and really lost sight of why I ride. The Daytona brought it all back to me Thanks for everything! Jim"
By: Anonymous    ,TX

"Your staff's demonstration of excellent customer service and knowledge of your bikes is what sets you apart from your competitors. From the moment I entered your store, I was welcomed with a smile and a friendly handshake. My interaction with each of your staff members was a pleasure and I most certainly know that I will be returning for all my service, parts, apparel, and overall riding needs. Your store is truly the benchmark that others in your industry should strive to be. "
By: Fernando    Grapevine,TX

"Awsome place! Bought a great bike! Very smooth sale!!"
By: shawna    Dallas,TX

"Thanks again for the superior service and ease of buying. You and your team provided me outstanding service and easy buying experience!!!! Love the NEW DAYTONA 675!!!! "
By: Kirk    Keller,TX

"Hi Cliff, Thank you so much for showing us around your dealership this afternoon. My friend Earl is retired and has a BMW motorcycle, and I haven't had a bike since my Yamaha VMax 13 years ago. I am planning on gettinga Breva just like that used one you had outside as soon as we pay a few more bills off. One of us, or both of us will be back in the future. You made our day and thank you for being so kind to us. Kyle Turner Decatur, TX"
By: Kyle    Decatur,TX

"Sorry for taking so long to say this but, Thanks. You folks are definitely a step above any dealership I have ever dealt with. From taking on a project that took overtime to complete to taking time to provide good old fashioned customer service, you set the example for dealers to strive. On a personal note the Tuono hasn't seen a lot of road time but from what is has the bike is better than ever. Thanks to the staff at RPM Cycle Boris, Lindsay, Cliff, Isachar and Derek. Alejandro, you really have an excellent team."
By: Anonymous    Oklahoma City,OK

"I couldn’t ask for a better experience in the purchase of my Sprint! The sales staff made sure everything was simple and quick. I got a great rate and payment below what I was expecting! I also researched RPM’s asking price all over the country and found it to be a little below the average compared to Sprints with higher mileage and not as well kept which made my Sprint a great value. RPM has been both responsive and most accommodating when I had a mishap on the road they fit me in and got me rolling in an hour or less. When ever I had questions or concerns they were quick to take time and walk me through any issues I had. I also purchased a tank bag and when a production flaw was found warranty was approved and it was quickly replaced. I have been ecstatic with my Sprint the moment I purchased it and have taken it on a trip from Dallas to Florida and its performance has been incredible! I can’t say enough about the staff at RPM and am extremely pleased with my entire experience! When its time to upgrade I wont have to think twice where to go. Thanks gang! Dan Howard The Colony TX "
By: Dan    The Colony,TX

"I would like to extend my many thanks and appreciation to the Staff of RPM Cycle. I especially want to thank Boris and Lindsay for their outstanding customer service and attention to my Triumph Scrambler. I recently laid down the bike on the way to getting the bikes first service and had to give up the bike for repairs. Boris and his amazing staff went above and beyond in helping me file insurance claims and keeping me informaed of the bike's progress. The motorcycle industry could use more companies like RPM Cycle and more employees that work there. I cannot tell you how grateful my wife and I are for your wonderful services and the care you put into us and the bike. It truly made me feel like part of your family. Thank you again to the staff of RPM Cycle, you are all number one in my book. Sincerely, Doug 2008 Triumph Scrambler Rider!"
By: Douglas    ,TX